Tax Withholdings Check

Let's avoid tax time surprises by checking your withholdings.

There are many things which can cause potentially unwelcome surprises at tax time.  One of the most common causes for bad news when filing our tax returns is that we haven't had enough federal or state tax withheld.  There are many reasons for not having enough tax withheld, such as:

  • Claiming exempt when you probably shouldn't have.

  • Claiming too many allowances on our payroll.

  • Change in marital status.

  • Earnings from self-employment.

  • Life changes such as home sale, a dependent moved out, or a child turned 17.

  • Withdrawal from a retirement account.

  • Many, many more.

At Gardner's Tax Service we offer a free service to clients.  We will analyze your current earnings and assess whether or not you're on track to owing money at tax time.  If so, we'll offer suggestions to avoid or minimize your liability.


The purpose of this assessment is not to forecast your refund, but to identify if you'll potentially owe tax.  If you know you're on track to getting a refund, you may disregard this email.

  1. Fax or email us ALL of your most recent paystubs.  If you are married and both spouses are working, you should send the most recent paystubs for both spouses.  You should include all income sources from 2017.  If you have stopped working somewhere, you should send the last paystub from when you were employed with that company.

  2. We will analyze your paystub(s) and call you with any questions we might have to best assess your situation.

  3. We'll make recommendations if needed to assist you in your year-end/tax planning.


Please include your email address or phone number for best contact.

We can check your withholdings in 3 Easy Steps: